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ADM offers soy protein flours, concentrates, isolates, and textured ingredients crafted to meet your application requirements and fulfill consumer desires for protein-forward foods and beverages with great taste, texture and nutrition. As the global leader in protein nutrition solutions for over 75 years, we draw on our know-how in the mechanics of protein design, taste and functionality to bring an unmatched portfolio that will power your success. We’ll help you bring what’s next in plant nutrition, all with global supply chain integrity and quality assurance that comes from a vertically integrated model and close relationship with our growers.


We’re prominent suppliers of Soya protein isolate under the brand name of I-SOYRIZON which is isolated from dehulled and defatted soybeans to produce the best quality of soy protein in the market. It is made from de-fatted soybean flakes that have been washed in either alcohol or water to remove sugars and dietary fiber.
It is a dry powder food ingredient that has been separated or isolated from the other components of the soybean, consists of 90 percent protein, less carbohydrate, and is fat-free. It supplies high-quality protein that contains all essential amino acids and important bioactive components.


Our soy powders inherently contain all the protein and isoflavones without the insoluble fiber. Our Soy Supreme Fiber Reduced (SSFR) is soluble with minimal beany flavor and can be used as a source of plant protein.


It has a high protein content of 90% making it an ideal ingredient for sports nutrition products. Our soy protein isolate contains all nine essential amino acids including the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) which decrease muscle breakdown post-exercise.

90% protein content

It contains all nine essential amino acids

Excipient free

The macronutrient content of soybeans is different from that of other legumes as it is moderately higher in protein, much higher in essential fats, and lower in carbohydrates.


Sports Nutrition

Health & wellbeing

Food & beverage

Product applications:

Powder blends

Meal replacement


Functional food


Xi’an Best Bio-Tech Co., Ltd

Xi’an Best Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the company of high-quality natural herb extract, we are responsible for research and development, and trading for natural herb extract. Main products include mushroom extract, health supplements extract, cosmetics herb extract, fruit and vegetable powders, etc. We wish to serve more customers all over the world to bring them a healthy life.


QINGDAO OCEAN HEALTH INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD is located in a beautiful fashion ocean city Qingdao, we are a global professional provider of various food additives and ingredients, specializing in serving the demands of raw materials needed for finished food products. We got firmly trust and a high reputation from our current clients due to our excellent quality, competitive price and good service. We can work on small orders for samples, and we can source whatever you want if allowed by the law, that is called a one-stop service.

Taj Agro International (Taj Pharma Group)

Taj Agro is a global manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Soya Protein Isolate in India.


With a reliable excellent approach, great name, and ideal consumer services, the series of products and solutions produced by our company are exported to many countries and regions for Hydrolyzed Soy Protein Powder, Engine Test Bench, Soy Protein Isolated High Gel, Engine Test Bench, Iso22000 Isolated Soy Protein. Customers’ benefits and satisfaction are always our biggest goals. Please get in touch with us. Give us a chance, and give you a surprise. The product will supply to all over the world, such as in Europe, America, Australia, Mongolia, Angola, Azerbaijan, and Nairobi. We have top engineers in these industries and an efficient team in the research.

What is more, we have our own archives mouths and markets in China at a low cost. Therefore, we can meet different inquiries from different clients. Please find our website to check more information about our products.

Aakriti Trading Company

Incorporated in the year 2016 in Delhi, we “Aakriti Trading Company”, are a Sole Proprietorship Firm indulged in manufacturing, wholesaling, importing, and trading a wide range of Protein Powder, Protein Concentrate, Vitamin Powder, Milk Powder, Maltodextrin Powder, Sweetener Powder, Food Supplement, Muscle Supplement, Protein Isolate, and Supplement Powder, etc. Our Mentor “G. K. Singh (Owner)”, always motivates us with his competent capabilities and enables us to attain commendable positions in the market. We also import our products from China, Switzerland, etc countries.

Shandong Chuangya Biotech Co., Ltd.,

Shandong Chuangya Biotech Co., Ltd., founded in 2017, is a soy protein manufacturer in China’s Soy Protein industry, they are the pioneer experts and managers in the soy protein industry in China.

Our main products are soy protein isolate, low-temperature soybean meal, and soy dietary fiber, so far we have a soybean manufacturing capacity of 200,000mts annually, soy protein isolate capacity of 60,000mts annually, soy dietary fiber of 25,000mts annually and soybean oil of 30,000mts annually, with products sold such as the USA, EU, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Middle East, etc more than 60 overseas countries.

Soy protein powder is a kind of powder made by extracting protein from soybeans. Soybean protein powder can be taken at any time. When taking it, be careful not to brew it with boiling water, otherwise, it will destroy the structure of soybean protein and lead to loss of nutrition. The color of soybean protein powder is light yellow or milky white, and it has the functions of restoring body functions, promoting wound healing, and protecting the kidneys.

  1. Restore body function Excessive physical exertion or irregular diet will reduce body function. Timely consumption of soybean protein powder can quickly restore body function. Because soybean protein powder contains a lot of plant protein, these proteins can be decomposed into a variety of amino acids after being absorbed by the human body, directly participate in the life activities of muscles, blood, skin, and other organs, and quickly repair damaged body tissue cells.
  2. Promote wound healing Soybean protein powder contains protein, which can significantly promote human tissue repair and wound healing. Patients in the recovery period after surgery eat soybean protein powder in moderation, which can promote wound healing and physical recovery.
  3. Protecting the kidneys Soybean protein powder can meet the human body’s need for protein without increasing the burden on the kidneys. It can protect the kidneys and prevent renal dysfunction. In addition, soybean protein powder can also reduce the content of cholesterol in plasma, prevent and reduce the damage of animal protein to the kidneys, and is an ideal health food for patients with kidney disease and diabetes.

Soybean protein powder is rich in protein, and its content is more than twice that of cereal crops such as wheat and rice. Soy protein also contains biologically active proteins, such as β-amylase, cytochrome C, lectin, lipoxygenase, urease, etc.

Different types of soybean protein powders on the market also contain isoflavones, saponins, lecithin, and other substances.

The content of arginine in soybean protein powder is higher than that in milk, and the ratio of arginine and lysine is more reasonable; it is rich in lipids and linoleic acid and does not contain cholesterol, which can prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases in adulthood.

Soybean protein powder is rich in lecithin, which can remove excess sterols in the blood, and has the reputation of “vascular scavenger”.


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