With the continuous development and progress of society, people are now paying more attention to health care. And, dietary supplements are constantly improved and updated for this reason. China is a big supply market for dietary supplement ingredients. In the below passages, let’s find out the names of the top 5 dietary supplement ingredient suppliers in China.


Location: Xi’an, China
Company type: Manufacturer, wholesale
Year founded: 2010
The number of employees: 11-50
Main products: Creatine powder, 10% Turkesterone capsule, Antler extracts capsule, Creatine capsule and more.
MEETSUPPLEMENT is a specialized supplier of herbal dietary supplement ingredients. We supply different types of natural food additives and supplements. We offer one-stop shopping for supplement ingredients. We also provide custom designs on the package, private label and bottle.

Biocaro Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Location: Zhengzhou, China
Company type: Manufacturer, wholesale
Year founded: 2000
The number of employees: 143
Main products: Powder, Food Supplement, Hard capsules
Biocaro Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd with more than twenty years of experience is a dedicated company focused on the R&D, wholesale and manufacturing of different types of health foods with various dosage forms: soft gels, effervescent tablets, gummies, hard capsules, powder, tablets, drops and oral liquid.

Jiangsu Qinshantang Health Industry Co., Ltd.

Location: Jiangsu, China
Company type: Manufacturer, wholesale
Year founded: 2013
The number of employees: 121
Main products: Matcha green tea powder, Kale powder, Grape powder
Qinshantang has been focusing on the manufacture and development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and medicinal mushroom extracts for the health & wellness industry. Their unique extraction method and the mushroom cultivation supply chain have been perfected over twenty years. It is your guarantee of certain, highly effective and safe products.

Guangzhou Vigoworld Co., Ltd.

Location: Guangdong, China
Company type: Manufacturer, wholesale
Year founded: 2006
The number of employees: 201-300
Main products: Pet supplements, Capsules, Drink Powder
Vigoworld is a specialized healthcare supplement manufacturer. They offer modified solutions for varied products, whether you choose a custom formula or an in-stock supplement. Their company has been measured as conforming to meet the ISO9001 international quality system needs. And, every product has COA certification.


Location: Jiangsu, China
Company type: Manufacturer, wholesale
Year founded: 2008
The number of employees: 107
Main products: Food additives, Dietary supplements, Animal healthcare
FarmaSino is a leading pharmaceutical company in China. It’s primarily engaged in the R&D, manufacturing & distribution of healthcare and pharmaceutical products. Its yearly export volume is around two hundred million US Dollars and the yearly turnover is over one billion RMB.