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 MCT Powder


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Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) powder is a powdered form of medium chain triglyceride oil (MCT Oil). MCT powder is derived from MCT coconut oil by a select process of hydrolysis and fractionally distilled fatty acids. MCT powder is a white or off-white and free-flowing powder with excellent water solubility.
MCT from Coconut oil enriched with C8 and C10 Medium Chain Triglyceride. MCT molecules specially for C8 and C10, are smaller than those found in regular fats and oil in the form of Long chain triglycerides. MCT is easier to digest and absorbed by the body. Suitable for Ketogenic Diets, Paleo Diets, Weight Management, Sports Nutritional, Functional Food, and Nutritional products.
MCTs are readily absorbed and used for energy, more so resembling a carbohydrate than a fat source. MCTs provides the athlete with a source of quick energy, much faster than maltodextrin or any high glycemic carbohydrate making them ideal for those looking to increase muscle mass and bulk up.
We provide consistent high-standard quality MCTs. MEETSUPPLEMENT’s MCT powder is 100% natural and it is water dispersible, making it the perfect fat to add to food, smoothies, and coffee for extra energy and brain-boosting benefits.

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MCT Powder Specification

Classification Formula Features Application
Vagan 70% MCT Oil:C8:C10=60:40
Carrier:Acacia Fiber
Vegan,Clean label,Dietary Fiber Keto Diet,Weight Management
50% MCT Oil:C8:C10=60:40
Vegan,Instant Beverages,Protein Powders
Non-Vagan 70% MCT Oil:C8:C10=60:40
Carrier:Sodium Caseinate
Instant,Dairy formla Keto Diet,Weight Management
50% MCT Oil:C8:C10=60:40
Carrier:Sodium Caseinate
Instant,Dairy formla Beverages,Protein Powders

MCT Powder COA

Product Name MCT Powder
Item Specification Method Result Method
Physical and Chemical Property
Identification  TLC Conforms   TLC
Appearance White  Powder Conforms Visual
Particle size >95% through 80 mesh  Conforms  Screening
Residue on ignition ≤1g/100g 0.50g/100g  3g/550℃/4hrs
Loss on drying ≤5g/100g  3.91g/100g 3g/105℃/2hrs
 Content 70% 70.34% HPLC
Residue Analysis
Heavy Metals ≤10mg/kg Conforms  ICP-MS
Lead (Pb)  ≤1.00mg/kg Conforms ICP-MS
Arsenic (As)   ≤1.00mg/kg Conforms  ICP-MS
Cadmium (Cd) ≤1.00mg/kg Conforms ICP-MS
Mercury (Hg) ≤0.50mg/kg Conforms ICP-MS
Microbiological Tests
Total Plate Count ≤1000cfu/g 200 Cfu/g AOAC 990.12
Total Yeast & Mold ≤100cfu/g 10cfu/g AOAC 997.02
E.Coli. Negative/10g Conforms AOAC 991.14
Salmonella Negative/10g Conforms AOAC 998.09

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Additional information

Product Name

MCT Powder

Part of Use

Coconut oil or Palm kernel oil




50%, 70%, 75%


White Powder




Cosmetic, Food Additives, Health supplement


Weight Loss

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