A good fruit powder to drink in summer - peach powder.


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Why is a peach called the queen of fruit?

Peach is a kind of spherical edible fruit. Peach beautifies the skin, cleats the stomach, moistens the lungs, and expels phlegm. It contains twice as much protein as apples and grapes, and seven times more than pears. The iron content is three times more than apple, five times more than pear, known as the “queen of fruit” reputation. Our country has many plants. Rich in many vitamins, of which vitamin C is the highest. Peach trees are small deciduous trees, generally 3-4 meters high. Dry is weak, and the crown opens. The young trees grow vigorously, and the growth branches reach more than 1 meter a year. The buds are precocious and the crown forms quickly. The beginning of the fruit is early, the planting begins to bear fruit in 2 to 3 years, the full fruit stage is reached in 6 to 7 years, and the life span is shorter after 15 to 20 years, and the general management is better than 25 to 30 years and can maintain a high yield.


What are the nutritional components of peaches?

Edible portion 86%. Each 100g contains 201kj of energy, 86.4g of water, 0.9g of protein, 0.1g of fat, 1.3g of dietary fiber, 10.9g of carbohydrate, 20μg of carotene, 3μg of retinol, 0.01mg of thiamine, 0.03mg of riboflavin and niacin. .7mg; Vitamin C 7mg, vitamin E 1.54mg; Potassium 166mg, sodium 5.7mg, calcium 6mg, magnesium 7mg, iron 0.8mg, manganese 0.07mg, zinc 0.34mg, copper 0.05mg, phosphorus 20mg, Selenium 0.24μg. Still contains citric acid, malic acid, and other organic acids.

How to process peach powder?

Peach powder is made of high-quality peach as raw material and processed by the more advanced spray drying technology. To maximize the preservation of the original flavor of the peach itself, containing a variety of vitamins and acids. Powder, good fluidity, good taste, easy to dissolve, easy to preserve.

What are the applications of peach powder?

The peach powder is suitable for medical and health products, healthy nutrition products, infant food, solid drinks, dairy products, convenience foods, puffed foods, condiments, middle-aged and elderly foods, baked goods, snack foods, cold food, and cold drinks.

What are the effects of peach powder?

1, peach can diuretic Tonglin, yellow detumescence peach contains phenol, has a diuretic effect, can remove moisture, reduce swelling, treat jaundice, gonorrhea, and so on. At the same time, peach blossom can induce diarrhea, but has no stimulating effect on the intestinal wall.

2, peach can fight anemia, and promote blood production peach pulp iron content is higher, second only to cherries in various fruits. Because iron is involved in the synthesis of human blood, eating peaches can promote hemoglobin regeneration, which can prevent anemia caused by iron deficiency.

3. Hydrocyanic acid and benzaldehyde, hydrolyzed products of bitter almonds contained in the peach kernel, have a synergistic destructive effect on cancer cells, and the further metabolites of hydrocyanic acid and benzaldehyde, respectively, have a certain effect on improving anemia and relieving pain in tumor patients.

4, peach anticoagulant pharmacological studies have shown that the alcohol extract of peach kernel can increase the level of platelet (AMP), and inhibit platelet aggregation, showing a certain anticoagulant effect and weak hemolytic effect.

5, peach can relieve cough and asthma, the peach kernel contains bitter almond type, bitter almond enzyme, and other substances, hydrolysis has a calming effect on respiratory organs, and can relieve cough and asthma.

6, peach can resist liver fibrosis, bile peach extract can expand the hepatic portal vein, promote liver blood circulation improve the collagenase activity of liver tissue, and can promote the catabolism of collagenase in the liver, on liver cirrhosis. Liver fibrosis has a good therapeutic effect. It can also increase the flow rate of red blood cells in the liver microcirculation and promote bile secretion.

Summer is coming, soak a cup of sweet peach powder, and enjoy your summer!

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