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Introduction to glycine.

Glycine has a unique sweet taste, which can moderate acid and alkali tastes, mask the bitterness of added saccharin in food and enhance sweetness. Glycine is an exogenous supplement when the body has a serious emergency, also known as a semi-essential amino acid. Glycine, also known as amino acetic acid or amino acetic acid, has the simple structure H2N-CH2-COOH, which is the simplest amino acid in all amino acids and the only α-amino acid without an optical isomer.

What are the uses of glycine?

Food grade glycine

  1. Use as a flavoring agent, sweetener, and DL-alanine, citrate, etc. in alcohol-containing beverages; When synthesizing sake and refined feed, it is used as an acid correction agent and buffering agent; When pickles, sweet sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, and fruit juice are used as additives to improve the flavor and taste of food, maintain the original taste, provide a sweet source, etc.
  2. Used as a preservative for surimi products and peanut butter, which can inhibit the reproduction of Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli;
  3. Use its own amino and carboxyl groups to buffer the taste of salt and vinegar;
  4. Used as an attractant in feed additives (attractant);
  5. Formulation of food brewing, meat processing, and a cool beverage, and saccharin sodium bitter removing agent;
  6. Used as a stabilizer for cream, cheese, margarine, instant noodles, wheat flour, and lard;
  7. Used for vitamin C stabilization in food processing;
  8. 10% of monosodium glutamate is glycine;
  9. Can be used as a preservative, and play an important role in antisepsis.
  10. Glycine is mainly used in the food industry. It has the functions of flavor, bacteriostasis, chelation, and oxidation prevention. The SWEETNESS IS 0.8 TIMES THAT OF sucrose. It has a soft sweetness different from sugar. It can be used as a taste correction agent in drinks and wine and can remove the bitter taste. Glycine can taste like shrimp and cuttlefish to a certain extent, which is used for seasoning sauce, such as 19.5 parts glycine, 8 parts natural amino acid, and 0.5 parts sodium succinate, which can be made into shrimp powder soup. Because glycine is a zwitterion, has a buffering effect, and a weakened effect on salt and vinegar. Generally, the amount of salt is 0.3% ~ 0.7%, and 0.05% ~ 0.5% for acid stains. Glycine has the function of antisepsis, nutrition, and flavor improvement. In fish pieces, fish balls, ham, sausage, and peanut butter are added to the amount of 1% ~ 2%, in the antisepsis at the same time, but also can inhibit the product odor, chelation, and antioxidant effect.

Pharmaceutical grade glycine

  1. Used for medical microbiology and biochemical amino acid metabolism research;
  2. Used as a buffer of aureomycin, anti-Parkinson’s disease drug L-dopa, vitamin B6, and synthesis of raw materials of amino acids such as threonine;
  3. Used for amino acid nutrition transfusion;
  4. Used as raw materials for cephalosporins; Sulfoxamycin intermediate; Synthesis of imidazole-acetic acid intermediates, etc.;
  5. Used as cosmetic ingredients.

What does glycine do to the human body?

Glycine is the basic building block of protein, which makes up 50 percent of the dry weight of human cells.

Proteins are also components of enzymes involved in various biochemical reactions in the body.

Therefore, glycine is an essential component of the human body composition.

Glycine side effects?

Suppose the amount of glycine ingested by the human body is too much. In that case, it will not only be absorbed and utilized by the human body but also break the absorption balance of amino acids and affect the absorption of other amino acids, leading to nutritional imbalance and affecting health. With glycine as the primary raw material to produce milk-containing drinks, adolescents and children’s normal growth and development are easy to bring adverse effects.

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