In such a hectic life schedule, people often forget about their health. Increasing poor diet leads them to obesity and related further health problems. Though many options are available to solve this issue, nothing can beat the natural solution.

Supplements made of organic and 100% natural ingredients are best for everyone to burn those extra pounds from their bodies. So, we have made a list of the top four companies operating in weight loss supplement ingredients in China market.


MEETSUPPLEMENT is a leading supplier of weight loss supplement ingredients in China. We provide an extensive range of 100% natural and certified natural ingredients to produce the best quality products while maintaining the authenticity of the products. Our custom design on the bottle, package and private label with thorough customer service is something all business owners wish for to take their brands to a higher level.

Wellgreen Technology Co., Ltd

Wellgreen Technology Co., is a reputed supplier with over 12 years of export experience specializing in the production and research of Nutritional Supplement, Herbal Extract, and Progestin.

Shaanxi Shineherb Biotech Co., Ltd.

This supplier, located in Hi-Tech Zone Xi′an, Shaanxi, focuses on Plant extracts, Vitamins, Amino acids, and Pharmaceutical intermediates. Their ingredients for weight loss supplements have already created a sensation in the industry!

Anhui Puya Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Anhui PUYA Biological Technology Co., Ltd is a reliable and renowned import and export trade company approved by the Chinese government. Customers praise their mature behavior, stability, flexibility, good reputation, well-balanced management, marketing network, and other aspects that make this supplier highly demanding in China.

The company has also established marketing channels worldwide with many customers and manufacturers to reach a wide audience.

Wrapping Up!

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