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What is NMN supplement?

Hello, many of you may be wondering what is NMN? Today let me make a simple introduction for you, so that you can understand more about this product and clear the fog for your purchase.

First of all, let’s look at what NMN is, here is a brief introduction to NMN.

NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide): full name “β-nicotinamide mononucleotide”, is a naturally occurring biologically active nucleotide. It is inherent in the human body and is also abundant in some fruits and vegetables. NMN is the most direct precursor of NAD+ in the human body and its function is manifested through NAD+. NMN is the direct precursor of the essential molecule nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) and is considered to be a key component in increasing intracellular NAD+ levels. nAD+, also known as coenzyme I, is present in every cell and is involved in thousands of reactions.

NAD+ is involved in cellular respiration and promotes energy metabolic processes (e.g., oxidation of glucose, lipids, amino acids) in cells. NMN is a nutrient that is converted into NAD+ in cells, which is classified as a new type of vitamin B3 and goes beyond the effects of ordinary vitamins and is considered a preventive and rejuvenating supplement for aging.NMN itself is a substance contained in the human body, present in breast milk and food, but in very small amounts. NMN is a natural source of food and is safe.

NMN Supplement

What are the benefits of NMN powder?

Secondly, let’s understand what are the effects of NMN?

I believe you already know what NMN is, but what are the effects of NMN, do you know? Then, let’s take a look at what the effects of NMN are, and hope it can help you.

Here are the benefits of NMN powder:

  • NMN can help you anti-aging and make you look younger
  • NMN can repair DNA damage
  • NMN has a protective effect on your nerves
  • NMN promotes energy production and gives you more power
  • NMN protects brain health: maintains neurovascular function; improves Alzheimer’s disease; improves cognitive impairment, etc.
  • NMN can protect heart health and give you a healthy heart
  • Diabetes related: regulates insulin secretion; protects pancreatic islet cell function
  • NMN can regulate weight and keep your weight under control
  • It also has the function of improving dark vision and retina
  • It can also relieve acute kidney injury

In addition, the vast majority of feedback from consumers after taking NMN ingredient health food commented “great improvement in sleep, better mental state, more glowing and firm skin, etc.” .

What are the side effects of NMN?

Every thing in the world has advantages and disadvantages, NMN has many advantages, but there are also some side effects, let’s take a look at what are its side effects?

Here are the side effects of NMN :

  1. NMN may cause hypoglycemia, which may lead to dizziness. If you have hypoglycemia or low blood pressure, please respect your doctor’s advice when using it.
  2. NM will participate in cellular metabolism after entering cells, which may lead to the synthesis of more sex hormones in the body, and the increase in the level of androgens may lead to enhanced sexual function. There are many young people who like to have pimples, and after using this product, it may cause pimples to grow back.
  3. NMN may cause an increase in the formation of dopamine, which can easily lead to nerve excitement, and may also lead to an increase in the level of nad. The repairing effect of sleep on neurons is accelerated, so the body’s need for sleep is reduced.

Which kind of people can take NMN supplement?

I believe that the above article has made you have a certain understanding of the product NMN, so, finally, in let’s see together who can use the product NMN?

NMN is suitable for the following people :

  1. The elderly, used to assist in the improvement of various age-related diseases;
  2. Middle-aged people, to relieve or alleviate various subhealth problems, such as chronic fatigue, poor sleep, vision loss, etc;
  3. For those who stay up late, to accelerate the recovery of the body;
  4. Test takers, to improve the ability to resist stress and maintain mental clarity;
  5. Those with high radiation doses, such as radiologists and nurses, aircrews, to improve the repair ability of genes damaged by radiation;
  6. Cancer patients, to help patients repair their genes after radiotherapy and improve their immunity. Immunity, accelerate the recovery of the body;
  7. Gym users, accelerate muscle growth;
  8. Athletes, improve energy level and reaction speed;
  9. Drinkers, improve the ability to detoxify alcohol, protect the liver and repair the genes damaged by acetaldehyde toxicity;
  10. Depressed people, improve dopamine levels, improve mood, increase blood supply to the brain, and slow down the brain decline caused by depression;
  11. For middle-aged and elderly women, it improves skin health and slows down skin aging.

After reading the above content, do you have an understanding of NMN ?


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