Can soy protein powder be drunk with honey?


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Sources of soy protein powder.

Soy protein isolate is a nearly purified protein extracted from soybeans through a series of processing steps. Soy protein isolate contains eight essential amino acids, which are similar to meat, fish, eggs, and milk, and belong to full-price protein. Research shows that protein is the material basis of life and one of the three major components of the human body. The lack of protein can directly lead to stunted growth, low immunity, loose skin and premature aging.

In October 1999, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommended that “25g of soy protein per day can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.” This is the 11th health claim ever made by the FDA.

In addition, research by American scholars has also found that if menopausal women pay attention to supplementing soy protein powder in their diets, it will significantly help relieve hot flashes. The 51 menopausal women in the experiment who supplemented with 60 grams of soy protein a day had a 45% reduction in hot flashes after 12 weeks, while the other 53 menopausal women supplemented with 60 grams of a non-soy substance, casein, a day, and only a 30% reduction in hot flashes after 12 weeks. .

At present, scientists have agreed that soy is very beneficial in heart health, preventing osteoporosis and relieving menopausal symptoms in women.

The advantages of soy protein powder for the human body.

Among the many plant-based proteins, the highest nutritional value is soy protein (also known as soybean protein), and soy food does not contain cholesterol, which is a feature that animal food does not have. Soy protein without any processing has its drawbacks: it is relatively low in methionine, an essential amino acid. Therefore, the amino acid score for whole soybeans is approximately 0.6 to 0.7. However, due to the high protein content of soybeans and the absence of cholesterol, soy protein powders are widely used.

  1. Effectively protect the normal physiological needs of the human body
  2. Prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease
  3. Substitute animal protein to reduce the burden on kidneys of diabetic patients

Suitable people for soy protein powder.

– People with high cholesterol and high blood pressure;

– Patients with cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis;

-Vegetarians, people who lose weight;

– Middle-aged and elderly people, female friends.

Side effects of soy protein powder.

Eating too much soy protein powder will increase the burden on the kidneys. Because protein is a macromolecular substance, it is not easy to digest. The human body also needs the kidneys to decompose protein. A high-protein diet will increase the pressure on the kidneys and cause symptoms such as proteinuria. Moreover, relying on protein powder for a long time to maintain the vitality of the body will also reduce the gastrointestinal function and the body’s resistance.

In addition, excessive intake of soy protein powder will easily lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Patients with symptoms such as gout should reduce the consumption of soy protein, because the purine in soy protein causes the increase of human uric acid index. aggravated the condition.

Excess protein nutrition in the human body will not only not help the body, but will also make the human body fat, leading to osteoporosis and so on.

Can protein powder drink with honey?

The main components of protein powder are protein. The main components of protein powder in the market are whey protein, soy protein, casein and egg protein, while the main components of honey are glucose and fructose. There is no possibility of chemical reaction between these components, so these two foods can be eaten together. And the taste of pure protein powder is not good, with a light fishy taste, adding honey can adjust the taste, making people more easily accept that taste.

Benefits of protein powder and honey.

1,After vigorous exercise to replenish energy, the body can fully recover within 42 hours after eating high-sugar food, but it takes a longer time to fully recover after eating high-protein and low-sugar food. In addition, sugar can not only save protein, but also promote fat metabolism. Especially after moving, if can take person nutrition to complement food in time, if whey protein adds honey, to eliminate muscle fatigue, stimulative muscle grows greatly beneficial.

2, Improve the taste of the general protein powder if it does not contain other additives, is very bland, the taste is not attractive, adding honey can improve the taste, not difficult to swallow.

Protein powder and honey matters needing attention.

1, protein powder is not suitable for children under 5 years old to eat, avoid growth too fast, will also damage the child’s kidney.

2, protein powder supplement needs to be at the right time, can not be eaten at will, so as not to cause protein waste.

3, protein powder is mainly used for bodybuilders and patients with protein malnutrition, really ordinary people should directly eat high protein food, should not eat protein powder, so as not to eat too much protein, causing excessive load of the kidney and liver.

4, the consumption of honey needs to be limited, can not eat too much, because honey will stimulate the stomach to produce a lot of gastric acid, eating a lot of stomach discomfort.

5, honey contains more sugar, eating too much will increase blood sugar, will also cause obesity.

6, honey is honey powder from thousands of flowers collected from the pollen brewing, its cleanliness can not be guaranteed, therefore, the consumption of honey must be processed honey, not eat honeycomb honey.

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