How much do you know about the whitening effect of pearl powder?


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What are the benefits of pearl powder?

Taking pearl powder has the effects of enhancing immunity, supplementing calcium, prolonging spring and aging, improving sleep, treating ulcers, nourishing the liver and brightening eyes, and assisting in reducing blood pressure. The effects of external pearl powder include whitening, oil control, acne, blackheads, light spots, muscle, and so on. Pearl powder belongs to the cold medicine, only the hot and dry body is suitable for taking pearl powder. Many women belong to the cold constitution, and long-term use of pearl powder may cause indigestion, diarrhea, cold limbs, pale yellow, and other cold evil injury symptoms.

Pearl Powder

What are the functions of pearl powder?

  1. Pearl powder can treat dermatitis, control oil, and prevent acne.

Pearl powder has long been used to treat skin conditions, such as herpes dermatitis in newborns, and is one of the most effective substances against infection in Propionibacterium acnes. In addition, because of the nature of powdered calcium carbonate, it has excellent adsorption capacity, so the oil control effect is perfect.

  1. Pearl powder can whiten skin.

Pearl powder can inhibit tyrosinase activity, reduce the formation of melanin, and reduce melanin production, and the skin naturally will not become black!

Pearl powder itself is also a physical sunscreen, when whitening with sunscreen, do not have to avoid light use deliberately, can be said to be beyond countless whitening products.

  1. Pearl powder can fight fatigue.
  2. Pearl powder can delay aging.
  3. Pearl powder can give you calcium.

The reason is simple because it has calcium carbonate…… Calcium carbonate itself is a common calcium supplement.

But amazingly, pearl powder can also be used directly in bone repair surgery. Because it has osteogenic effects, and biodegradability is better than other substances, it will not cause additional burden on the body.

What are the differences between freshwater pearls and seawater pearls?

  1. There is a big difference between freshwater pearls and seawater pearls, that is, freshwater pearls are cultured without nuclei, while seawater pearls are cultured with nuclei. The cultivation of freshwater pearls usually takes 4-6 years, the yield is low, the quality is high, and the price is not low.
  2. Another difference between seawater pearls and freshwater pearls is the amino acid content. Generally speaking, the amino acid content of freshwater pearls is higher than that of seawater pearls, and the amino acid content of freshwater pearls will be affected by the place of origin. Both had the same 18 amino acids, but freshwater pearl powder had 13 higher amino acids than seawater pearl powder, two had the same content, and three were lower than seawater pearl powder.
  3. If you compare trace elements, the two sides are also slightly different. Among them, the content of strontium, zinc, nickel, and chromium in seawater pearl powder is higher, and the content of phosphorus, manganese, and barium in freshwater pearl powder is higher. In general, the total amount of trace elements in seawater pearl powder is higher. But chromium is a well-known heavy metal, and too much is not good for human health; On the other hand, zinc is one of the essential elements of the human body, so seawater pearl powder can be said to have advantages and disadvantages in terms of trace elements.
  4. In addition, oral and topical pearl powder also have two completely different directions. To increase the solubility of pearl powder, modern medicine has also made a lot of efforts, using hydrolysis and enzymatic hydrolysis to extract a small part of the effective substances in pearl powder, called water-soluble pearl powder, which is mostly used for oral administration. But for external skin care, “natural pearl powder that maintains the lattice structure is more effective.” In other words, water-soluble pearl powder can be taken orally, but it is not suitable for external use. The oral unit efficiency of natural pearl powder is lower than that of water-soluble pearl powder, but the external application effect is better.

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