What are the effects of black ginger extract on men's health?


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What is black ginger?

Black ginger is a unique plant that looks like ginger and is purple inside when cut. It is currently used as a raw material for dietary supplements.

The black ginger extract produced by our company is made of black ginger as raw material, and it is made from a special process extract, which is not a chemical synthetic product; it is all artificially collected, filtered layer by layer, and the powder is pure.

What are the benefits of the black ginger extract?

Anti-inflammatory and sterilization

Black ginger is rich in volatile oil and natural turmeric, which is an important medicinal ingredient. It has a particularly obvious inhibitory and elimination effect on enzymes in the human body and can improve the body’s own anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ability. Secondly, black ginger also contains Medicinal ingredients that can also inhibit the activity of various viruses in the human body, which can prevent human cells from being infected by viruses.

Expelling wind and dampness

As a kind of Chinese medicinal material, black ginger is warm in nature and has obvious effects of dispelling wind and dampness. It is a commonly used medicine in traditional Chinese medicine to treat human rheumatism and bone pain. It can be ground into powder and taken directly. When the human body has abdominal pain and headache, and chest pain, taking black ginger also has a particularly obvious therapeutic effect.

Promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis

Activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis is one of the important functions of black ginger. Black ginger is rich in volatile oil, which has an obvious blood-activating effect, which can speed up blood circulation in the human body, and has an obvious dissipating effect on congestion in the human body.

Break blood

Black ginger can break blood, promote qi, eliminate accumulation and relieve pain, speed up blood circulation in the human body, and make the blood congestion in the human body dissipate as soon as possible. Women can drink black ginger soaked in water when they have amenorrhea or people have chest pain and heartache, which can help the patient’s condition. significantly reduced.

Can Black Ginger Extract Promote Healthy Aging and Metabolic Status?

Black ginger extract may help promote healthy aging and metabolic conditions. The active compounds in the black ginger extract may be five times more potent than resveratrol in binding to the SIRT1 protein, which achieves the goal of increasing human lifespan by regulating different cell survival pathways.

The content of poly methoxy flavonoids in this raw material is relatively high. Health problems related to metabolic disorders will be more common due to lack of exercise. Clinical studies further confirmed the efficacy of black ginger extract on metabolism by reducing body weight, blood glucose levels, HbA1c, and accumulation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) without any observable adverse effects.

Effects of Black Ginger Extract on Men’s Sexual Health?

The poly methoxy flavonoids in the black ginger extract have been shown to improve physical health. It can enhance the body’s energy production, improve lipid metabolism, and activate protein kinase activity to improve physical performance and endurance. We all know that sexual health is important to overall health. There are drugs that enhance men’s sexual health, such as Viagra, but many of them have adverse side effects. However, black ginger extract as a natural “natural Viagra” can improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

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