What are the main effects of chaga extract?


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Presentation of Chaga Extract.

Chaga extract is extracted from the fruiting body of Inonotus obliquus. Of all the fungi that have anti-cancer properties, the most striking is Chaga. It is a medicinal fungus that grows on birch trees. This fungus is very active and will continuously absorb the nutrients of birch trees. Therefore, it has a strong anti-cancer effect and has obvious inhibitory effects on various tumor cells. It can prevent the metastasis and recurrence of cancer cells, enhance immunity, and promote health.

The chemical constituents of Chaga mushrooms contain more than 215 components, such as polysaccharides, vegetative, inositol, SOD, and various oxidized triterpenoids. The test results of Chaga mushrooms found that the s.0. (superoxide dismutase 1) contained in it was 55 times that of Ganoderma lucidum, 23 times that of Brazil mushroom, 25 times that of Hericium Erinaceus, and water-soluble multi-enzymes such as 1, 3 -1,6 β-glucan up to 55.6 mg/a.

What are the benefits of Chaga extract?

  1. Treat diabetes.
  2. Anticancer effect. It has an obvious inhibitory effect on various tumor cells (such as breast cancer, lip cancer, gastric cancer, subauricular adenocarcinoma, lung cancer, skin cancer, rectal cancer, and Hawkins lymphoma). Prevent cancer cell metastasis and recurrence, enhance immunity, and promote health. And it is used to cooperate with radiotherapy and chemotherapy of malignant tumor patients to enhance the patient’s tolerance and reduce the toxic and side effects.
  3. Prevention and treatment of AIDS. It has an obvious inhibitory effect on AIDS.
  4. Anti-aging. Remove free radicals in the body, protect cells, prolong the division algebra of passaged cells, increase cell lifespan, and promote metabolism, so it can effectively delay aging, and long-term use can prolong life.
  5. Effectively inhibit the infectious virus. Can prevent colds.
  6. Prevent high blood pressure. Inonotus obliquus is reported to be not only a tonic but also a blood cleanser and pain reliever.
  7. Improve and prevent allergic cortex.
  8. It has an obvious therapeutic effect on hepatitis, gastritis, duodenal ulcer, and nephritis. It has a therapeutic effect on vomiting, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal disorders.
  9. Enhance immune function

A decline in immune function is one of the most visible features of aging. In immune organs, the thymus and bone marrow regulate cell function, and their ability to secrete immunoglobulins decreases. These changes lead to a weakened immune function against foreign antigens in middle-aged and elderly people, and a reduced antigen surveillance function for mutants. Modern research has proved that the decline of immune function caused by aging can be delayed or partially recovered. Among the many measures and drugs to prevent and treat the decline of immune function, traditional Chinese medicine for strengthening and nourishing has been proved to be effective. Studies have found that the water extract of Chaga can cause a decrease in the activities of lactate dehydrogenase, hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase, malate dehydrogenase, glutamyl transpeptidase, and an increase in the activity of catalase, peroxidase The enhanced activity of hydrogenase can scavenge free radicals in the body, protect cells, prolong the division generation of passaged cells, increase cell lifespan, and promote metabolism, so it can effectively delay aging, and long-term use can prolong life.

What are the main application areas of Chaga extract?

The chaga extract can be widely used in oral liquids, tablets, soft capsules, beverages, cosmetics, food, and other fields.

Can Chaga Extract Prevent Diabetes?

Chaga extract is also extracted from the substance of Chaga, and it can exert a relatively high medicinal value. It has very powerful anti-cancer or anti-cancer effects and even has certain anti-oxidation and anti-virus effects. There are many polysaccharide components or alkaloid compounds and low molecular polypeptide substances contained in them. For diabetic patients, the polysaccharide components contained in the Chaga mushroom extract are very important for regulating blood sugar levels or reducing Blood sugar is very important, and there is a certain amount of maintenance of blood sugar levels. Wait for me, so when patients with diabetes insist on regular treatment, they can also consider choosing some health products containing Chaga extract.

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