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What is L-glutamine?

L-glutamine (L-glutamine) is an amino acid and a building block of proteins. Amino acids and proteins have many important roles in our bodies. Specifically, glutamine contributes to the transport of carbon and nitrogen in the body (for cell division and growth) and plays a role in neurological function, intestinal function, and boosting the immune system.

Glutamine is produced by the body in muscle tissue and is therefore considered “non-essential,” meaning we don’t have to rely entirely on getting it from our diet. However, when our bodies are under stress, providing glutamine on their own may not be enough to meet their needs. Therefore, when the body uses glutamine in large quantities, we need glutamine other than what the body produces itself.

L-glutamine is produced through our muscles and is common in our diet, and it is obvious that glutamine is needed when the body is recovering from exercise and severe illness.

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The role of glutamine.

  1. Recover quickly

Athletes may benefit from L-glutamine supplementation to reduce muscle soreness and speed recovery time.

This amino acid plays a key role in controlling the absorption of glucose (energy) into muscles after exercise, which can help us prepare for the next workout and restore energy stores. When our muscles have optimal glucose reserves, we perform better during exercise and can delay fatigue.

Long periods of hard training can lower blood glutamine levels, so if you have a long history of going to the gym, glutamine is an ideal post-workout supplement.

  1. Gain weight and strength

When used in combination with creatine, supplementation with L-glutamine increases endurance and strength, thereby increasing body weight in fat removal. While supplementation with L-glutamine may be more effective for those whose diets are low in glutamine, studies have shown that glutamine has other possible benefits, such as:

Reduce energy loss and muscle soreness

Reduce feelings of fatigue

Enhance endurance, can exercise for a longer time

  1. Boost your immunity

In addition, athletes who follow a strict training schedule often have weakened immune systems due to the constant stress on the body from intense exercise. L-glutamine, which protects cells in our immune system, is often used to help repair the immune system in critically ill patients.

L-glutamine plays a role in the production of immune cells (in sufficient quantities to fight off bacteria), as well as in gut function, acting as a physical barrier against infection. So to summarize, taking L-glutamine supplements may also be good for your immune system.

What are the people suitable for glutamine?

  1. Children and adolescents — promote brain development and enhance memory.
  2. Older people — Keep your brain active to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. Busy white-collar workers — recharge the brain and prevent brain fatigue.
  4. Persons in need of rehabilitation after illness or surgery.

Side effects of glutamine.

Hospitals, burn centers, and emergency units use glutamine more often because it’s actually good for the patient. Since there is no conclusive evidence to support the effectiveness of glutamine supplements in healthy people, it is best to consult a doctor before starting such supplements. Although glutamine has no side effects in most people, it can make liver disease or cirrhosis worse and can exacerbate certain psychiatric or neurological conditions. If sensitive to monosodium glutamate, glutamine health products will further aggravate the sensitivity. In addition, glutamine interacts with certain medications and dietary supplements, so glutamine supplements should only be taken under medical supervision.

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