Why can whey protein be called the king of protein? (fitness must-see)


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What is whey protein?

Whey protein, known as the king of proteins, is characterized by high nutritional value, easy digestion and absorption, and a variety of active ingredients. Whey protein is a precious protein extracted from milk by advanced technology. It is regarded as the “king of proteins” because of its high purity, high absorption rate, and the most reasonable amino acid composition. Whey protein is not only easy to digest but also has the characteristics of high cost, high efficiency, high protein efficiency ratio, and high utilization rate. It is recognized as one of the high-quality protein supplements for the human body.

Whey protein is suitable for the population.

Whey protein, as a high-quality protein, is especially suitable for infants, the elderly, sportspeople, and patients before and after surgery.

  1. The infant

Breast milk is the best food for infants. The main protein of breast milk is whey protein, followed by casein. In human milk protein, the ratio of whey protein to casein protein is about 8:2. The ratio of milk protein and whey protein to casein is exactly the opposite, about 2:8. As a result, whey protein in the stomach can form a thin soft curd, easy to absorb, and amino acid composition and amino acid in the body is very close to the infant, best use can be infant, so often used in infant formula milk powder added to improve a – whey protein, milk protein composition close to people enzymes, this to improve the bioavailability of protein formula, Promoting infant growth and development is very beneficial.

  1. The old

The elderly due to protein catabolism is greater than the synthetic metabolism, it’s easy to have a negative balance of protein, and the elderly daily diet, protein intake is usually low, and digestion, absorption, and utilization are reduced, are more likely to aggravate the negative balance, this for maintaining the strength of the elderly, such as immunity is very bad, so advocate the supplements are easy to digest absorb and make use of high-quality protein. Whey protein is a kind of high-quality protein with high nutritional value and easy digestion and absorption. In addition, whey protein is rich in immunoglobulin, milk globulin, and other components, which can improve the immunity of the elderly, and enhance physical fitness. Whey protein is also a good source of calcium. Some whey protein products provide 500 to 800 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams, which helps maintain bone health in the elderly and reduces the risk of bone mineral loss and fracture.

  1. Sports crowd

Exercise not only consumes a lot of energy, but also intensifies protein catabolism, and even causes a negative balance of protein. Therefore, protein intake, especially high-quality protein intake, should be increased. For example, increasing the intake of whey protein right amount, the loss of protein when compensatory movement, increasing muscle strength, promoting the synthesis of hemoglobin, eliminating fatigue, and so on have important effects. Because whey protein is rich in branched amino acids, it can promote the synthesis of muscle protein, so it is more suitable for the needs of exercise and fitness people.

  1. Preoperative and postoperative patients

After surgery on the body trauma, the patient’s protein catabolism increases, coupled with the loss of appetite, digestion, and absorption function decline, it is easy to appear the negative balance of protein metabolism, so before and after surgery to supplement high-quality protein can help prevent postoperative complications, promote wound healing. The whey protein powder with a high absorption rate and nutritional value is a good choice.

What does whey protein powder do?

  1. The main function of whey protein powder is to help the growth of muscles and make them more stylish. If the exercise is to increase muscle, the running time should not exceed 15 minutes. In order to exercise endurance and lung capacity, it can be about half an hour. Sit-ups are just to exercise the abdominal muscles. For men, the exercise of the muscles of the lower back is indispensable, such as squats and pull-ups.
  2. Alpha-lactalbumin, bovine serum albumin, and lactoferrin in whey protein are rich in cysteineresidues, which can safely pass through the digestive tract and bloodstream, enter the cell membrane, reduce to two cysteines, and synthesize GSH, to maintain the level of GSH in cells and tissues, thereby enhancing the body’s antioxidant capacity, improving muscle endurance and working ability and delaying the occurrence of fatigue.
  3. Whey protein is rich in glutamine precursors such as glutamic acid, which provides raw materials for gluconeogenesis, maintains glutamine levels, and protects immune cell function. In addition, both lactoferrin and globulin in whey protein have antibacterial and antiviral effects.

Fitness! How to eat whey protein powder?

Whey protein powder is best taken 15 minutes to 30 minutes after a workout, flushing is best, but it can be taken at other times. Milk protein powder should be mixed with warm water or warm milk. How to use: Add a spoonful of whey protein powder to 200ml of warm water, milk, juice, or other beverages and stir quickly, preferably in a container with a lid and shake, so that it is easy to shake and ready to drink. Whey protein powder is not only easy to digest, but also has high biological value and high efficiency. It is a high-quality product with high protein.

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