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Are your eyes tired and old?

Ocular aging refers to the degeneration of visual structure and function. With the increasing use of eyes in modern society, eye aging is becoming more and more common and has become the “trigger” for various eye diseases. Are your eyes aging, too?

Symptoms of eye fatigue and aging:

If you have recently developed eye strain, you may feel the following discomfort:

1, eyes have a burning feeling, sleepy

2, itchy, dry, uncomfortable eyes, eyelids dull heavy

3, significantly reduced vision, even can’t see the text

4, sometimes afraid of light, tears, aging pain, and so on

5, often have mild conjunctivitis or chronic conjunctivitis attack

6, Repeated occurrence of blepharitis and meibomian gland cyst

7, dizziness, loss of appetite, even nausea, vomiting, and acid reflux

If the symptoms of eye strain are serious, they can be reflected in the functional nerves of the fifth brain and cause headaches. Reflex to the tenth brain function nerve can cause indigestion; Reflex to the brain function nerve can cause eyelid or facial muscle spasms,s and so on.

So, you might need to use lutein, and today we’re going to look at lutein.

What is lutein?

Lutein is a nutrient that is present in the retina, and it is also a nutrient that we need to supplement. Lack of lutein will cause discomfort to the eyes, and long-term vision will decline. Lutein can normally be obtained through food, but because the absorption rate of lutein itself is limited, the purpose of taking extra lutein leaves is to ensure the daily intake of lutein. Lutein, also known as “eye gold”, is the most important nutrient in the human retina. Lutein is present in the macula (the center of vision) of the retina of the eye and in the lens, especially in the macula which contains a high concentration of lutein. Lutein is an important antioxidant, a member of the carotenoid family, also known as “plant lutein”. It co-exists in nature with corn lutein. Scientific research shows that lutein is the only carotenoid found in the retina and lens of the eye. This element is not produced by the body itself and must be supplemented by external intake. In the absence of this element, the eye will go blind. When the sun’s ultraviolet and blue rays enter the eye, they produce large amounts of free radicals, which can lead to cataracts, degeneration of the macular area, and even cancer. Lutein can filter blue light, and decompose strong light and ultraviolet damage to the human eye, so as to avoid blue light damage to the eyes, to prevent the loss of lutein caused by vision degradation and blindness, so lutein is also known as the god of eye protection.

What is the effect and action of lutein?

1. Protect the retina and ensure clear vision

Lutein is a good antioxidant that protects the retina from oxidative damage when it absorbs light; And can protect the eyes of the microvessels, and maintain good blood circulation.

2. Improve eyesight

Lutein is a very dense antioxidant that helps filter out blue light, reducing chromatic aberration and making vision more accurate.

3. Prevent Glaucoma

Lutein can reduce the oxidative intensity of eyeball protein, and the higher the intake, the lower the incidence of glaucoma.

4. Delay the occurrence of cataracts

Lutein is the only carotenoid with crystal, which can improve the antioxidant capacity of crystal, resist the damage of sunlight and free radicals, and delay or prevent the occurrence of cataracts.

5. revent high myopia sequelae

High myopia is prone to retinal detachment, hydronephrosis, floater, and so on, and even leads to permanent blindness. Adding enough lutein can make the eyes enough nutrition, which can reduce the occurrence of lesions.

6. Reduce macular degeneration and lesions

Macular lesions are the leading cause of blindness in the elderly. Lutein has been shown to improve vision in elderly patients with degenerative macular disease.

How safe is lutein?

Lutein is safe, non-toxic, and harmless, plus its special physiological effect, in line with the development direction of food additives “natural”, “nutrition” and “multi-functional”, and can be directly added to food with vitamins, lysine, and other commonly used food additives. Lutein is an important natural pigment and natural health care product, which is a green health food raw material.

Who can use lutein?

According to the various functions of lutein, the following can be listed for the population, the consumption of lutein should also pay attention to the appropriate amount, with other nutrients to eat.

1. Specific staff: Work under the midday sun (athletes, pilots, guards, traffic police)

2. For people suffering from eye diseases: cataracts, glaucoma, presbyopia, amblyopia, strabismus, and astigmatism, regular consumption of lutein has an alleviating effect.

3. Office workers: workers who often use computers or stare at TV screens and people who often stay up late or at night workers.

4. Patients with other diseases: cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, urinary protein, diabetes.

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