Do our bodies need natural dietary supplements?


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What are dietary supplements ?

I never knew what dietary supplements were before. I remembered that dietary supplements are for sick people, large bottles of powder or capsules, etc., and take them on time every day. We normal people don’t need to take these supplements. But when I started my job, I learned that supplements can actually be taken by all of us, such as: athletes, pregnant mothers, growing children, elderly people, etc. So today let’s take a look at whether our human body needs dietary supplements? to corroborate the conclusions I have drawn from my work.

Dietary supplements, as an auxiliary means of diet, are used to supplement the amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and minerals required by the human body; in addition to nutrients, there may also be herbs or other plant components, or a combination of the above components. Concentrates, extracts, compositions. Nutritional supplements are mainly used to make up for the lack of intake in people’s normal diet, and they are also essential nutrients for the human body. Nutritional supplements are easy to quantify, easy to use, and more and more people use them.

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Can food alone be nutritionally balanced ?

(1) Insufficient variety of food intake every day. Because it is difficult for us to eat more than 12 kinds of food every day. Different foods have different nutrients, and it is difficult to achieve balanced nutrition with too few types of food.

(2) Deterioration of food nutrition leads to a significant decrease in nutrient intake.

(3) Improper selection of food and improper cooking methods.

(4) Unhealthy lifestyle and significantly increased pressure.

(5) The demand for special life stages increases. Children’s bodies grow rapidly and need adequate nutrition to stay healthy. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are a special period of life with the greatest nutritional requirements, requiring additional nutritional supplements. The elderly have difficulty chewing, and their digestion and absorption functions decline, and some nutrients, such as anti-aging nutrients, require additional supplements.

(6) Pursue ideal health. Sub-health state of the body, or want to prevent disease, delay aging, also need to supplement more nutrients.

From the above 6 points, people only eat food can not meet the absorption of multiple elements, can not achieve a comprehensive nutritional balance.

Comparison of natural nutrients and synthetic nutrients.

(1) The raw material sources of the two are completely different, and the product components are also completely different. The main raw materials for synthesizing nutrients are hexane, coal tar and other chemicals, and the products are all single components. Natural or organic nutrients are substances extracted from living or recently living plants or animals, and the product is a mixture.​​

(2) Synthetic vitamins are chemically manufactured, while natural nutrients are extracted by physical methods.

(3) Natural nutrients are easily absorbed by the human body, and their absorption and utilization rate is much higher than that of synthetic nutrients.

(4) Natural nutrients are easier to absorb than synthetic nutrients and have stronger biological activity.

(5) Synthetic nutrients may have toxic and side effects on the human body, while natural nutrients do not.

Therefore, when choosing nutrients, we should try to use natural and organically grown nutrients. Synthetic nutrients can only be used as medicines, and can only be used for a short time; medicines may have adverse reactions, but short-term use generally will not have much impact on the body.

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What are my client options?

I had a client before. She was a product for women’s private households, but she suddenly told me that she wanted to buy nutritional supplements, a total of two products, 1000 bottles of each product, and the weight of each bottle was about 1kg. I was surprised and asked her why she bought this product, and she told me: this supplement is very popular abroad, people will take dietary supplements, and their physical fitness will get better and better. I’m surprised. Finally, the order was successfully made for her, and the customer also successfully received the goods, and there will be a return order about every two months. Therefore, choosing dietary supplements is crucial.

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