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What are the effects of taking pearl powder internally?

1, enhance immunity, consolidate the defense system

Pearl powder contains 18 kinds of amino acids such as leucine, methionine, alanine, etc. Long-term adherence to oral administration of pearl powder can effectively improve the activity of T and B lymphocytes in the human immune system, thereby enhancing immune disease resistance.

2, supplement calcium, healthy body

Pearl powder as a new type of calcium supplement, not only high calcium content, nanometer pearl powder is easy to be absorbed and digested, and belongs to natural calcium, safe and healthy to take, more and more favored by consumers and attention, known as “pearl calcium”.

3, the spring extension of failure, youth is often in

Pearl powder itself contains manganese, copper, zinc and other three trace elements are components of SOD, because SOD has the effect of clearing free radicals, so the use of pearl powder coating can prevent skin aging, wrinkling, inhibit the synthesis of melanin, keep the skin white, and with internal regulation and external care, continuous conditioning, but also can maintain spring and aging, the history of the Empress Dowager is a good proof.

4. Improve sleep and enjoy a good night’s sleep

Pearl powder contains a variety of amino acids and trace elements can play a “calming and calming” role in the brain center, and after absorption by the human body, the cells that are overexcited and lead to fatigue can be nourished and quiet. Therefore, after mental self-adjustment at night, with the use of pearl powder, it can effectively improve sleep, so that the body can get a full rest.

Pearl powder

What are the effects of external pearl powder?

1. Whitening, natural white through:

Pearl has been spreading whitening effect since ancient times, modern science has found that trace elements in pearls can promote the increase of SOD, enhance the activity, selenium is the main substance for the manufacture of glutathione peroxidase, this enzyme and SOD can remove free radicals, improve skin color. Pearl powder whitening needs to be taken internally and externally to show the effect.

2. oil and make skin clean:

Summer is hot, the face is shiny, I believe that most women who love beauty have this trouble. How to effectively remove the oil on the face, but also a plain face? Natural nano-pearl powder is recommended. Nano-pearl powder particle size is very fine, so the surface area is very large, has a good adsorption capacity, can adsorb excess oil on it. It also has an astringent effect, which can control oil secretion and keep the skin dry and clean.

3.Acne, as long as youth do not acne:

Pearl powder can clear heat and detoxify, clean skin, control oil content, and promote regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues. Internal administration can clear heat and detoxify, combined with internal and external use, dealing with acne is very effective.

4.Remove blackheads and let pores breathe freely:

Blackheads: Hardened oil clogs, usually on the forehead and nose. When the sebaceous glands are excessively stimulated to secrete a large amount of sebum, the pores are filled with excess oil and cause obstruction, in the nose area, there is usually a greasy feeling. And these oils will eventually harden and oxidize to become black dots, which is what we commonly call blackheads.

The secret of pearl powder to blackhead is that the deep cleaning ability of pearl powder is good, the adsorption ability is very strong, and the dead skin and the deep dirt of the pores can be “sucked” down.

5.Light spots, clear white return beautiful reproduction:

“Compendium of Materia Medica” has long clearly pointed out: “pearls, black”, pearl powder contained in a large number of trace elements can effectively prevent the increase of lipid peroxide, so as to effectively remove the three spots.

6.Generate muscle and repair wounds without leaving traces:

Pearl powder has a good repairing effect on skin trauma (knife wound, burn, scald, etc.).

This is because pearl powder can promote the growth of collagen cells in the human body, and collagen cells are the main contributor to skin regeneration. At the same time, pearl powder also has a relatively significant anti-inflammatory effect, which can inhibit the regeneration of inflammatory cells and prevent further deterioration of wounds. When applied to wound, pearl powder can fill the tissue space, adhere to vascular tissue, exert its anti-inflammatory effect, promote the growth of collagen cells, and promote the regeneration of body cells. According to clinical trials, before treatment with pearl powder, the injured area can be carefully cleaned with normal saline or hydrogen peroxide, and then evenly applied with appropriate amount of pearl powder on the wound to form a thin layer. Change the dressing once a day. If there are blisters in the injured part, do not break the blisters, let alone tear off the upper cortex; For knife wounds and abscesses, if the affected area has been purulent, you should first carry out pus cleaning wound treatment, clean the wound, and then apply pearl powder, the effect is better.

7.Pearl Powder Whitening Mask:

8.Pearl powder wash your face.

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