Do you know what are the applications of malt extract in cosmetics and solid beverages?


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What is malt extract?

Malt extract is a kind of natural food completely derived from grains, which is rich in maltose, fructose, glucose, protein, small molecule peptides, amino acids necessary for the human body and a variety of vitamins and minerals, and also contains β-glucan and tocopherol with health functions.

Malt extract can improve the color, aroma, flavor and other sensory characteristics of the product, and has a certain impact on improving the internal structure of the product, and rich in a variety of trace elements, is a pure natural nutritional flavor enhancer.

Malt extract powder

Application of malt extract in solid beverage.

Malt extract has a special flavor and rich nutrients, can give the product full aroma and n sense, but also can replace some of the plant fat wood, malt extract has been widely used in a variety of rest drinks, such as: milk tea, coffee, cocoa drinks, cereal and so on.

Application characteristics of malt extract in solid beverages:

(l) Aroma enhancement: malt extract has a pleasant malt flavor, which can synergize with other aromas to make the aroma of solid drinks more intense and attractive;

(2) Improve day feeling: the main component of malt extract is oligosaccharides, which is a good sweetener, which can not only reduce the use of sucrose, but also. It makes the sweetness of the solid drink more pure, and the amount of oligosaccharides in the malt extract can also make the taste of the product fresh and delicate;

(3) Increased nutrition: malt extract is a natural food ingredient derived from grains, rich in protein, β-glucan, a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and other nutrients to meet the needs of people in the pursuit of nutrition;

(4) Partial replacement of vegetable fat: vegetable fat, also known as creamer, is a product of hydrogenated vegetable oil and casein as the main raw materials. Used in milk powder, coffee, cereal, seasoning and related products, although it can improve the taste of food, but it contains harmful substances to the human body. Adding a certain amount of malt extract to milk tea, coffee drinks, cereal drinks and other products can not only reduce the use of plant fat powder, but also make the product taste better and healthier.

The application of malt extract in cosmetics?

The main function of malt extract in cosmetics and skin care products is to whiten and remove freckle, the risk coefficient is 1, it is relatively safe and can be used with confidence, and it generally has no effect on pregnant women, and malt extract does not cause acne.

It is used to make cosmetics that remove freckles, reduce wrinkles, activate skin cells and enhance skin elasticity.

Malt extract is suitable for tolerant skin, oily skin, pigmented skin, dry skin, non-pigmented skin, sensitive skin, wrinkled skin and firm skin.

What are the functions of malt?

The effect of malt is qi digestion, the effect is to remove swelling and blood stasis. The main effect of malt is qi digestion, mainly suitable for patients with food accumulation, poor appetite or very full stomach. For lactating women, if the symptoms of milk stasis and breast tenderness occur, malt also has a very good effect on eliminating swelling and removing blood stasis. For patients with mild symptoms of liver pain, liver and stomach qi stagnation, malt has a slight role in soothing the liver.

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