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The word “antioxidant” is a popular buzzword in the wellness and health community and on social media sites. But do you know anti-oxidation supplement is not just a buzzword? They are necessary for our health!

Antioxidant supplements have concentrated forms of antioxidants that you can use to stabilize free radicals. And this is why most people buy a wholesale anti-oxidation supplement to stay healthy, young, and beautiful.

This blog post will discuss four types of anti-oxidation supplements you can use to improve your health. So, let’s get started without further ado!

  1. NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide)

Are you interested in longevity innovations? If yes, you may have heard of nicotinamide mononucleotide. According to many studies, taking NMN supplements up to 1,200 mg on a regular basis can provide several health benefits, including aerobic function, insulin sensitivity, and fatigue.

Unlike other supplements, taking an NMN supplement has minimal to zero risk of side effects. And this supplement will help you stay younger for a long time and boost your immunity.

  1. Lutein

Lutein is an essential part of the carotenoid (type of phytonutrient) family of antioxidants. Carotenoids are also known as plant chemicals and are found in many plant cells.

Zeaxanthin and lutein are found in your retina. So, using lutein supplements can improve your vision. It is another wholesale anti-oxidation supplement that has anti-inflammatory properties and is good for your eye health.

  1. Apigenin

Apigenin is widely present in different types of fruits and vegetables. And it is a kind of flavonoid.

Apigenin supplements promote skin cell growth and can fight acne. Here are some other benefits of taking thing anti-oxidation supplement:

Reduce pain

Supports heart health

Improves brain function

Eases depression and anxiety

Fights diabetes

  1. Lycopene

Lycopene is another type of anti-oxidation supplement that is a plant nutrient. It is known for its antioxidant properties. You can use it as a natural pigment as it gives pink and red foods their characteristic colour, including tomatoes, watermelons, grapefruit, and other fruits.

Lycopene supplements can offer several health benefits ranging from protection from sunburns to improving heart health and preventing certain types of cancers. Taking this supplement can treat issues related to ageing and degenerative diseases.

Wrapping Up!

You can also use other anti-oxidation supplements to improve your health and quality of life. But the above-discussed wholesale anti-oxidation supplement will benefit you in many ways. You can place your anti-oxidation supplement order from our store. If you want to know more, stay in touch!


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