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What is arbutin?

Arbutin, also known as arbutin, is a white acicular crystal or powder. Extracted from the leaves of bear fruit, by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase in the body, prevent the production of melanin, thereby reducing skin pigmentation, removing stains and freckles, as well as bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects. Mainly used in the preparation of high-grade cosmetics.

The ideal whitening agent for whitening cosmetics.

Arbutin, also known as arbutin, arbutin, arbutin, arbutin or myricetin, is a skin-whitening active substance that integrates the concepts of “green”, “safe” and “efficient” because it originally comes from natural green plants. Arbutin is an ideal whitening agent for whitening cosmetics. There are two kinds of optically active isomers, namely α and ßtype, and the bioactive one is ß-isomer. At room temperature, it is white and slightly yellowish powder, easily soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, propylene glycol, glycerol aqueous solution, no precipitation solution after dissolution, insoluble in chloroform, ether, petroleum ether, etc. It is added to many whitening products. It was named after it was found in the leaves of Ursa fruit of the Rhododendron family. Later, it was found in the leaves of bilberry of the rhododendron family, pear of the Rosaceae family (western pear, small mountain pear), and tigeria tigeri of the tigeria family. It was extracted and used as a medicine and cosmetic additive.

Arbutin is one of the most safe and effective whitening raw materials popular abroad, and is also the most competitive skin whitening and freckle removing active agent in the 21st century. In cosmetics, it can effectively whiten and remove freckles, gradually fade and remove skin freckles, melasma, melanosis, acne and age spots. High safety, no irritation, sensitization and other side effects, and cosmetic components have good compatibility, UV exposure is stable. But arbutin hydrolyzes easily and should be used at a PH of 5-7. In order to stabilize the performance is usually added appropriate amount of antioxidants such as sodium bisulfite, vitamin E, so as to better achieve whitening, freckle removal, moisturizing, soft, wrinkle removal, anti-inflammatory effect. Can be used to eliminate redness and swelling, promote wound healing without leaving scars, can inhibit the generation of dandruff.

Ursolic acid and alpha-arbutin.

Ursolic acid is a kind of triterpenoid compound found in natural plants. It has many biological effects, such as sedation, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-diabetes, anti-ulcer and lowering blood sugar. In recent years, it has been found that it has anti-carcinogenic, anti-carcinogenic, induction of F9 teratoma cell differentiation and anti-angiogenesis, which is highly likely to become a new anticancer drug with low toxicity and high efficiency. In addition, ursolic acid has obvious antioxidant function, so it is widely used as raw material in medicine and cosmetics. α-arbutin can repair the skin damage caused by UV, restore the skin’s sense of transparency, is not easy to be broken down by β-glucosidase on the skin surface, the effect is about 10 times that of β-arbutin, can stay in every corner of the skin for a long time, continue to protect the skin from damage. Melanin is responsible for the dullness of the skin, and alpha-arbutin quickly penetrates deep into the skin, inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase in the pigment mother cells deep in the stratum corneum. And form a double effect in the skin surface, inhibit the production of melanin.

Is arbutin suitable for daytime use?

Arbutin reduces melanin production by inhibiting the activity of tyroaminase, the melanin-producing enzyme, similar to the whitening drug hydroquinone. However, hydroquinone has side effects and should be used under the guidance and monitoring of a doctor. And arbutin structure than hydroquinone more glucose molecules, less irritating, can be freely added to the maintenance products, the concentration of up to 7%. Arbutin’s active molecules can penetrate the basal layer to carry out deep light spot, and have a strong therapeutic effect on melasma, dark spot, sun spot and pigmentation left over from drug allergy. However, if the concentration is too low, the durability of the effect will be weakened. Therefore, 5% concentration is the safest and most efficient light spot concentration, and 5% concentration is faster than vitamin C light spot effect. And the permanence and stability of the light spot, will not produce irritating effect on the skin. Arbutin is reduced to hydroquinone when absorbed into the skin, which has led some people to doubt the safety of arbutin and the possibility that arbutin can produce side effects similar to hydroquinone. The most commonly heard saying is that “the maintenance products containing arbutin can not be used in the daytime, otherwise whitening is not, but more black”. In fact, do not worry, the test shows that only the concentration of more than 7% arbutin is likely to be sensitive to light, so 7% is a critical point of safety, the maintenance of the ingredients in the addition of clear provisions, the maximum concentration of the upper limit is 7%, in this concentration range, arbutin is not enough to produce photosensitivity, it is not necessary to avoid light use. Absorption through the skin, photodecomposition, will be reduced to hydroquinone, produce whitening effect. But arbutin care products contain hydroquinone concentration less than 20ppm(that is, 20 parts per million), in such a low concentration limit, hydroquinone is not caused by anti-black skin side effects. If you’re afraid to use it during the day just because it contains arbutin, you don’t have to, unless arbutin is added to the product with other ingredients that require protection from light. In short, buy a reliable brand of maintenance products, and no matter what you wear, protect yourself from the sun during the day.

What are the uses of arbutin?

In medicine, it is used as a diuretic, anti-infection drug of urinary system, and also used as a stabilizer of color photography development. It is used in cosmetics for whitening, freckle removal, hair care and so on.

A glycosylated hydroquinone used in the study of melatonin biosynthesis and as an inhibitor for the recognition, differentiation, and identification of tyrosinase. Arbutin is a glycosylated hydroquinone derived from the arbule plant. Arbutin is a known inhibitor of tyrosinase, which in turn prevents the formation of melanin. Arbutin is often used as a cosmetic whitening agent.

Inhibition of melanocyte tyrosinase activity, inhibition of melanin production by inhibiting melanin synthetase.

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