What are the important applications of oat protein powder in daily life?


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What is oat protein?

Oat protein is natural high quality oat protein as raw material, using biological enzyme technology to develop skin care, skin cleaning special active protein. Oat is rich in nutritional active ingredients, mainly oat dietary fiber, oat β-glucose, oat protein, oat antioxidant and oat fat. Oats dietary fiber, oats β-glucose, oats antioxidant substances and oats fat have been extensively studied in China, and oats protein research is mostly for the extraction process, which is more common in food skin care and other fields.

The protein content of oat bran was the highest (19.42%), the fat content was 10.57%, the starch content was 49.54%, the water content was 7.74%, the ash content was 3.40%, and the other content was 9.33%. Oat bran in the highest protein content, good nutritional value, is a high-quality protein, can be used as a health food on the step research and development, can also be further developed as a natural cosmetic effect additives, its effect is mainly to moisturize soft skin, smooth effect, and mild and non-irritating, used in various types of skin.

The content of oat albumin was the highest, accounting for 63.40% of the total protein, followed by oat globulin and gluten, accounting for 15.18% and 13.24%, respectively, and the content of oat alcoholin accounted for 8.18%. Protein subunit molecular weight distribution is wide, small molecular weight protein is easy to penetrate, conducive to skin absorption and utilization, promote skin metabolism; The large molecular weight protein has good film formation and can improve skin smoothness.

oat protein powder

What are some of oat protein?

As an excellent raw material, oat protein has the following advantages:

1, natural organic oat protein, with excellent moisturizing properties, slow down the skin water loss.

2, rich in amino acids, supplement skin nutrition, create healthy skin, delay skin aging, reduce skin roughness.

3, contains oats unique anti-sensitivity anti-itch ingredients, can effectively prevent and reduce skin allergies, alleviate preservatives and other products on the skin irritation.

What are the applications of oat protein?

  1. Moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle products
  2. After sun care products
  3. Anti-irritation products
  4. Anti-itch and washing products after bath

What is the quality of oat protein?

The quality of oat protein is comparable to that of soy protein. The quality of soy protein is comparable to the protein in meat, eggs and milk, so by comparison, oat protein is placed at such a quality level. However, this information refers to what these proteins do in the body after consumption, not the amount of protein in oats, soy, meat, eggs and milk. In particular, the protein content of meat and eggs is significantly higher than that of oats.

Oats are good for fitness and exercise, both before and after a workout. Since oats are considered a complex carbohydrate and protein source, it is often recommended that oat protein be mixed with other protein sources, such as whey or soy. This method has proven to be good for building muscle, speeding up the recovery phase after a workout, and even burning fat. In addition to its protein content, oats increase the amount of glucose in the body over the long term, helping to combat fluctuations in insulin levels.

Bodybuilders often add oats and other types of protein to their shakes. A typical oat protein shake may contain oats, nuts such as almonds, protein powders such as milk, whey or soy, and sweeteners that contain no sugar or are made with non-simple sugars. This protein mixture promotes muscle health and growth.

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