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Why is lemon called the king of whitening?

Lemon is known as the king of whitening, containing a lot of vitamin C,Vc is one of the important elements widely recognized in the beauty and cosmetics industry, it can effectively inhibit the activity of loraminase, so that oxidizing melanin reduced to colorless reducing melanin, so as to achieve whitening, freckle effect. Lemon also contains a lot of citric acid, is a member of the fruit acid family, it has to remove aging keratin, promote epidermal cell regeneration, maintain skin moisture, improve skin texture, enhance skin elasticity and so on.Lemon is one of the most beautiful fruits in the world. It is rich in vitamin C, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin quinic acid, citric acid, malic acid, hesperidin, naringin, coumarin, high potassium and low sodium, which is very beneficial to the human body.

Lemon fruit powder

What are the effects of lemon powder?

1, lemon acid, drink more hurt the stomach, hurt teeth, long-term use leads to spleen and stomach injury, nutrition can not digest will cause acne. So drink lemon water to the right amount, especially pay attention to the way lemon slices soak water. Stomach ulcers, excessive secretion of stomach acid, people with dental caries and diabetes beware of lemons.

2.Lemon powder has the effect of whitening skin, detoxifying and enhancing immunity. Lemon contains more vitamins, can play a whitening anti-aging effect, the peel also has medicinal value. Usually put a few lemons at home, can remove the smell of the house. Lemons contain a lot of vitamin c, which can enhance the body’s immune capacity. Although lemon has more benefits to the body, but not too much intake, otherwise it will cause irritation to the gastrointestinal mucosa, resulting in increased gastric acid secretion, but also cause gastric ulcer.

What are the application and use methods of lemon powder?

Natural lemon water diet: Lemon water can quench thirst and dilute the desire to eat, so it can effectively curb improper eating, plus a total of 15 minutes of exercise a day, the effect will be very significant. This weight loss method is now the most popular in Japan, at home to operate their own can achieve the effect of weight loss, so it is known as the “housewife” type of water diet, very effective. Here are some ways to lose weight:

1, 1000g of water with 10g pure lemon powder, and placed in the refrigerator, low temperature easy to have a cool and refreshing feeling.

2, drink at least 3000g of lemon water every day, no special diet or no snacks, but must always supplement lemon water.

3, must be matched with 15 minutes of daily exercise, do not have to continue, disperse time can also help perspiration, the purpose is to eliminate harmful substances in the body.

Facial mask: Take 5-10g lemon powder, mix with water or egg white or milk to form a paste, evenly apply on face, and wash off after 20 minutes.

Soaking bath: Sprinkle about 10g lemon powder into the bathtub, which can shrink the skin of the whole body, provide nutrition, fragrance, whitening and moisturizing.

Drinking: Take about 1 ~ 3g lemon powder, heat water to brew, it becomes a cup of sour lemon juice, such as adding honey, taste better!

What is lemon extract?

Lemon extract is extracted from the fruit of lemon or lemon in rue family. It can promote fluid, quench thirst, dispel heat and soothe fetus. Sore throat dry mouth, stomach distension, hypertension, myocardial infarction, do not think about the efficacy of diet.

What are the applications of lemon extract?

Lemon extract is mainly used in the preparation of food and tobacco flavor. It is also commonly used in perfumes, toilet water, soaps and cosmetics fragrances.

What are the effects of lemon peel?

1. Oral health
2. High in antioxidants
3. Antibacterial and antifungal properties
4. Boost immunity
5. Fight cancer
6. Treat gallstones

What are the uses of lemon peel?

Lemon peel also has many uses as a cosmetic or household item. Some of its most popular uses include:

  1. All-purpose cleaner. Fill a lidded jar with lemon zest and white vinegar and let it sit for a few weeks. Remove the peel and mix the remaining solution with an equal amount of water.
  2. Refrigerator and trash can deodorant. Place some lemon peels in your refrigerator or at the bottom of your trash can to absorb odors.
  3. Stainless steel cleaner. Sprinkle some salt on the item to be cleaned, then scrub any stains with lemon peel. Remember to rinse afterwards.
  4. Kettle cleaner. Fill the kettle with water and lemon zest, then boil it to remove any mineral deposits. Let the water sit for an hour before rinsing.
  5. Body scrub. Mix sugar, olive oil and finely chopped lemon zest, then massage into moist skin. Be sure to rinse off when finished.
  6. Face mask. Mix lemon peel powder with cold milk to make an exfoliating and skin cleansing mask.

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