What incredible changes are the 9 hot-selling amino acids doing to your body?


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How do you understand amino acids?

As a wholesale supplier with 12 years of experience in supplying natural raw materials, today we will talk about the 9 most popular raw materials for health care products in Amino Acid products.

Amino acids are carboxylic acids containing amino groups. Proteins in living things are made up of 20 basic amino acids. The existence of amino acids in the human body not only provides an important raw material for protein synthesis, but also provides a material basis for promoting growth, normal metabolism and life maintenance. If the human body lacks or reduces one of them, the normal life metabolism of the human body will be obstructed, and even lead to the occurrence of various diseases or termination of life activities. Today let’s take a look at nine hot selling amino acids. They are: L-Cysteine,Glycine,L-Threonine,L-Arginine,L-Glutamate,L-Tyrosine,L-Leucine,L-Aspartate ,N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) .


Cysteine is a naturally occurring amino acid with many uses in food processing, mainly in baked goods, as an essential ingredient in dough improvers. Mainly used in medicine, cosmetics, biochemical research, and so on. Used in bread to promote the formation of gluten, promote fermentation, mold release, prevent aging, etc. Used in natural juices to prevent oxidation of vitamin C and prevent the juice from browning.

  1. Effectively prevent and treat radiation injuries.
  2. Remove the melanin of the skin itself, change the nature of the skin itself, and make the skin whiten naturally.
  3. Improve inflammation and allergic skin symptoms.
  4. The function of preventing the aging of organisms.


Glycine has a unique sweet taste, which can alleviate the acid and alkali taste, mask the bitter taste of saccharin added to food and enhance the sweetness. If the human body consumes too much glycine, it will not only be unable to be absorbed and utilized by the human body but also will break the human body’s absorption balance of amino acids and affect the absorption of other amino acids, resulting in nutritional imbalance and affecting health. Milk-containing beverages produced with glycine as the main raw material are likely to have adverse effects on the normal growth and development of adolescents and children.

  1. Used as a biochemical reagent, used in medicine, feed, and food additives, and used as a non-toxic decarburized in the nitrogen fertilizer industry.
  2. Nutritional supplements. Mainly used for seasoning and so on.
  3. Used as cosmetic raw material.
  4. Mainly used as an additive and attractant to increase amino acids in feed for poultry, livestock, and poultry, especially pets. Used as a hydrolyzed protein additive, as a synergist for hydrolyzed protein.


Threonine is an essential amino acid. Threonine is mainly used in medicine, chemical reagent, food fortifier, feed additive, and so on. Threonine is an important nutritional fortifier, which can fortify cereals, pastries, and dairy products. Like tryptophan, it can relieve human fatigue and promote growth and development. Threonine is used in medicine, chemical reagents, food fortifiers, feed additives, etc. In particular, the amount of feed additives has grown rapidly. It is often added to the feed of young piglets and poultry and is the second limiting amino acid in pig feed and the third limiting amino acid in poultry feed.

  1. For balancing amino acids, and promoting protein synthesis and deposition.
  2. Increase feed intake.
  3. Immunity.
  4. Regulate fat metabolism.


Arginine can be obtained from any protein-containing food such as meat, poultry, cheese products, fish, etc. Foods high in arginine include chocolate, peanuts, and walnuts. The role of arginine is mainly used in biochemical research, and this nutrient plays an important role in the human body. Arginine is used for hepatic coma with elevated blood ammonia. It has a certain role in regulating immune function. It can effectively prevent thymus degeneration and relieve muscle fatigue. It has an auxiliary role in the treatment of male infertility caused by insufficient semen secretion and sperm deficiency.

  1. Can improve male sexual dysfunction.
  2. Can improve cardiovascular-related diseases.
  3. Can increase insulin secretion.


Glutamate is one of the basic amino acids in nitrogen metabolism in living organisms, and it is of great significance in metabolism. Glutamate is the main component of protein, and glutamate is ubiquitous in nature. A variety of foods and the human body contain glutamate, which is not only one of the structural amino acids of proteins or peptides but also a free amino acid.

Glutamate is the world’s largest producer of amino acids and can be used as a nutraceutical for skin and hair. Used as a hair growth agent, it can be absorbed by the scalp, prevent hair loss and regenerate hair. It has nutritional functions on dermal papilla and hair mother cells and can expand blood vessels, enhance blood circulation, and have an effect on hair growth and hair loss prevention. Used on the skin, it is effective in the treatment of wrinkles.


Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid that regulates mood and stimulates the nervous system. It also helps to speed up the body’s metabolism and treat diseases such as chronic fatigue.

The body needs enough tyrosine to produce many important brain chemicals in order to help regulate appetite, pain sensitivity, and the body’s response to stress. It is also required for normal thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal function. Low levels of tyrosine can lead to thyroid dysfunction, low blood pressure, chronic fatigue, and slow metabolism.

  1. Patients with vitiligo eat foods containing tyrosine, which can promote the formation of melanin, which in turn can reduce the symptoms of vitiligo.
  2. As a non-essential amino acid, tyrosine can regulate mood, help speed up the body’s metabolism, and also help regulate appetite.
  3. It can prevent anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue.
  4. It can promote the normal function of the pituitary, adrenal gland, and thyroid gland, and release growth hormone.


The main function of leucine is to repair muscles together with dilute hydrochloric acid, provide energy to body tissues, increase the production of growth hormone, and help burn visceral fat. These fats are located in the body, and it is difficult to produce effective effects only through diet and exercise. Leucine, isoleucine, and hydrochloric acid are all branched-chain amino acids that aid in muscle recovery after training, with leucine being the most effective. Leucine is mostly found in bread and flour products. If you eat more of these foods, the intake of leucine will increase. In the process of leucine metabolism, if muscle tissue damage or strain occurs, it is recommended to eat more leucine-rich foods, which will help the recovery of damaged muscles.


The role and efficacy of aspartic acid are for the treatment of heart disease, liver disease, and hypertension. It has the effect of preventing and recovering fatigue. Together with various amino acids, it can be made into an amino acid infusion. Used as an antidote, liver function, booster, and fatigue recovery agent. In the chemical industry, it can also be used as a raw material for synthetic resin and as a nutritional additive for cosmetics. In the food industry, aspartic acid is a good nutritional injection. Added to various refreshing drinks, it is also sweet and sour. The main raw material of aspartic phenylalanine is methyl ester. Derivatives of aspartic acid can significantly enhance the discharge of optic nerve units and the excitatory effect of the unit. It can be used as one of the important excitatory neurotransmitter receptors in the mammalian central nervous system.

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC)

  1. Used as a phlegm-dissolving drug. It is suitable for respiratory obstruction caused by a large amount of sticky phlegm obstruction. In addition, it can also be used for detoxification of acetaminophen poisoning.
  2. In medicine, it is used as a phlegm-dissolving drug.
  3. Biochemical reagents, medicine, this product is used as an expectorant, which is said to be easy to clean phlegm and easy to cough. It has a decomposition effect on viscous sputum.

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