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What is bilberry extract?

European cranberry extract, European cranberry also known as black fruit cranberry, rhododendron family of cranberries. Its extract is a product made from fruit or juice by extraction and separation.


What are the main nutrients of bilberry extract?

There are many kinds and high content of flavonoids in European bilberry, mainly anthocyanin, flavanol, proanthocyanin, and quercetin, which are the main active components of this genus. Among them, anthocyanidins were studied the earliest. There are now about 30 kinds of anthocyanins, of which 15 are common. There are five kinds of ligands for its pigment substances: anthocyanidin (also known as anthocyanidin),delphindin (also known as delphindin), malvidin (also known as dimethylcyanin, malvidin), peonidin (peonidin), petunian glycogen (also known as 3-methylcyanidin, petunidin). There are three types of sugars: glucose, galactose, and arabinose. These five ligands and three sugar groups are composed of monosaccharides to triglycerides, which are the most important anthocyanins.

What are the left and right of bilberry extract anthocyanins in die supplements?

Anthocyanins are an all-natural anti-aging nutritional supplement that studies have proven to be the most effective antioxidant found by humans today. The antioxidant properties of anthocyanins are 50 times higher than vitamin E and 200 times higher than vitamin C. It is 100 percent effective in humans and can be detected in the blood within 20 minutes of taking it.

  1. Helps prevent a variety of diseases related to free radicals, including cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis, aging, and diabetes;
  2. Activate the immune system, protect serum immunoglobulin from free radicals, activate macrophages, and enhance human immunity;
  3. Relief of hay fever and other allergies;
  4. Enhance the elasticity of arteries, veins, and capillaries, protect the inner wall of arteries, and improve blood circulation;
  5. By inhibiting elastase and collagenase, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, and even eliminates scars, and freckles and whitens the skin.
  6. Promote rhodopsin regeneration in retinal cells, prevent myopia, and improve vision.
  7. Stimulate the synthesis of nitric oxide through vascular endothelial cells to improve the quality of male erection.
  8. Keep your body healthy and young by removing harmful free radicals from your body.
  9. It can penetrate the cell to protect the membrane from oxidation by free radicals, has strong antioxidant and anti-allergic functions, can cross the blood-brain barrier, can protect the brain nerve from oxidation, can stabilize the function of brain tissue to protect the brain from harmful chemicals and toxins and improve sleep.
  10. Reduce tissue inflammation by inhibiting prophytin, cytokinin, histidine, lipoxygenase, cyclooxygenase, etc.


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