What are the effects and uses of purple potato powder?


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How to make purple potato powder?

Purple sweet potato powder is made of fresh and high-quality purple sweet potato by peeling and drying. All dry matter of purple potato except skin is retained: protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral and dietary fiber. The color, aroma, taste and taste of rehydrated purple sweet potato powder are the same as that of steamed and mashed fresh purple sweet potato. The flesh of the purple potato is purple to dark purple. In addition to the nutrients of a normal sweet potato, it is also rich in selenium and anthocyanins. Purple sweet potato is very popular in the international and domestic markets, and has a very broad development prospect. The purple potato season starts in September and supplies are limited. The whole powder of purple sweet potato overcomes the limitation of purple sweet potato production season and greatly prolongs the production cycle of purple sweet potato food manufacturers.

1.Natural purple sweet potato powder: powder product retains the color, flavor and nutrients of purple sweet potato flesh, and has good rehydration.

2.Cooked powder of purple potato: after cooking, part of starch is converted into sugar, so cooked powder has better taste, higher nutrition and brighter color than raw powder. It has the natural fragrance of cooked sweet potato.

purple potato powder

What is the effect of purple potato powder?

1.Moisten intestines and relieve constipation

Purple potato powder is rich in cellulose, which can increase the volume of feces, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, clean up the mucus, gas and decay in the intestinal cavity, discharge toxic and harmful substances in feces, keep the stool unblocked, improve the digestive tract environment, and prevent the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases.

2.Auxiliary blood pressure

Purple sweet potato powder also has the role of assistant antihypertensive. Purple potato powder is rich in potassium, potassium and sodium are important elements affecting the level of blood pressure, if the human body intake enough potassium, will promote the blood to excrete excess sodium; Eating foods rich in potassium will also promote the balance of mineral levels in the body, and eventually play a certain role in helping to reduce blood pressure.

3. Enhance immunity

Purple potato powder contains a large amount of mucin, which can prevent connective tissue atrophy of liver and kidney, improve immunity and prevent collagen disease. In addition, the purple potato is rich in selenium and iron, which are essential elements for anti-fatigue, anti-aging and blood tonic. Especially, selenium is easily absorbed by the human body and can stay in the serum to repair the heart muscle, enhance the body’s immunity, and remove free radicals in the body, which has a good effect on maintaining human health and preventing diseases.

4. Calcium to strengthen the body

Purple sweet potato powder contains rich mineral composition, which plays a very important role in maintaining and regulating human body functions, especially the calcium and magnesium contained in it, which can play a role in strengthening calcium and preventing osteoporosis. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people to eat.

5.Lose weight

Purple potato powder is low in calories, only 0.2 grams of fat per 100 grams of fresh purple potato, 99 kilocalorie energy, about 1/3 of rice, is a very good low-fat, low heat energy food, and can effectively prevent sugar into fat, conducive to weight loss, fitness.

Purple potato powder can be used in which industries?

Purple sweet potato powder is mainly used in the quick-frozen industry of tangyuan, quick-frozen knife cutting and quick-frozen steamed bread. 120 purpose purple sweet potato powder can be used as filling for tangyuan, quick-frozen to cut and quick-frozen steamed bread are mainly used to replace part of wheat flour in the production process, while non-quick-frozen steamed bread and knife cut can also add purple sweet potato powder. The 200 mesh is mainly used to make the skin of frozen glutinous rice balls, and can also be used as an ingredient in purple potato ice cream.

Folding bakery

Purple sweet potato powder is widely used in baking industry, mainly used to replace part of wheat flour, as a raw material to add in food. 120 mesh purple potato powder in the market are more common purple potato bread, purple potato toast, purple potato biscuit, purple potato cake and purple potato cookies. 200 mesh can be used to spray the surface of bread, which is beautiful and nutritious. At the same time, another huge use of purple potato powder is used to make moon cake stuffing, whether cantonese moon cake or other moon cake can be used to make purple potato powder filling.

Folding beverage industry

The beverage industry is mainly about 200 mesh purple sweet potato powder, which can be used as a raw material to add to solid drinks, such as purple sweet potato milk tea, purple sweet potato soy milk and other coarse grain drinks.

How should purple potato powder be eaten in daily life?

1.Purple potato steamed bread

Purple purple potato potato starch can do steamed bread, need to prepare the right amount of flour, when do the flour and purple potato starch are put together to make, and then put the right amount of yeast, synthesis of dough with warm water, make it natural fermentation, and its fermentation is finished rubbing together to make steamed bread billet, province after the hair into the pot steamed, take out the purple potato is delicious after steamed buns.

2.Purple potato noodles

With purple potato starch noodle is particularly good, when do need to homogenize the purple potato starch and flour together, add water knead into dough, then make it into noodles, cure later can cook the noodles to eat, can also be Fried to eat, taste very good, in addition to this, purple potato powder can also be used to make purple potato cake, purple chips cookies, etc a variety of delicious food, He can give prepared food a tinge of purple and make it taste and texture very attractive.

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